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Operations Coordinator Security

  • responsible for the technical management of our physical security systems
  • develop test, maintenance and operational programmes
  • become part of our state-of-the-art security office
  • master's degree in industrial sciences
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Will you become the new member of our state-of-the-art security office?

As operations coordinator security, you are responsible for the operations coordination of various components of the physical security systems of SCK CEN so that stakeholders consider them as being reliable and useful.  These security systems support efficient and quality access control and guarding operations. Together with 10 colleagues, security engineers and officers, you will ensure the safety of everyone. More specifically:

  • You will develop test programmes, such as acceptance and performance testing, for existing and new components of the physical security system in view of their subsequent optimisation
  • You will work out maintenance and operational programmes for existing and new components of the physical security system and follow up their observance
  • You will develop reporting systems for reporting and monitoring deficiencies in the technical components of the security system
  • You will evaluate processes that have an impact on the technical components of the physical security system
  • You will give technical advice in connection with new SCK CEN projects that will have an impact on our security systems
  • In this context, you will support the implementation of new techniques in innovation projects
  • You will perform a number of administrative tasks, mainly in collaboration with our internal security department
    • reporting
    • managing permits and access modalities
    • monitoring the safety and quality of the work
    • keeping the ‘as built’ dossier up to date
    • supporting technicians in solving technical problems

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • A Master’s degree, preferably in industrial sciences with a specialisation in automation, measurement & control engineering, electromechanics,... with relevant work experience
  • Some years of professional experience in the field of technical maintenance and the supervision over contractors within an industrial/facilitating environment
  • Knowledge of and are experienced in working out and executing maintenance and test programmes on technical components, drawing up and managing processes and technical files and drawing up SLAs with external parties
  • Some affinity with data networks and knowledge of OT standards such as IEC 62443 and NIST SP-800 series is a plus
  • Experience with one or more software packages for alarm monitoring and handling, access control and camera surveillance is an asset
  • Knowledge of several techniques used for intrusion detection, camera surveillance and access control, knowledge of nuclear installations and experience with how a security team works are definitely assets but are not required
  • Good communication and reporting skills, both in writing and orally, with a good command of Dutch, French and English
  • Practical mind and sufficiently flexible to work optimally in a multidisciplinary group, and willing to participate in a duty role
  • Sufficiently assertive and independent to ensure progress in projects
  • An analytical mind and being able to consistently test, evaluate and diagnose techniques if a failure should occur
  • ‘Get the job done’ mentality to solve problems and share knowledge together
  • Eager to learn and prepared to follow supplementary training courses


Evi Belmans
evi.belmans [at]