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Nuclear Safety Engineer

  • definition of the radiation safety plan in preparation of the MINERVA commissioning
  • contribution to the definition of Operational Limits and Conditions of the installation
  • integration of radiation safety requirements in the design
  • support to licensing process of the installation
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We are ready to design and build this accelerator. Are you?

ogether with a large team of ambitious engineers and researchers, SCK CEN wants to develop new medical radioisotopes to treat cancer patients and solve the nuclear waste issue by means of the MYRRHA project. The MYRRHA project’s first phase, MINERVA (start of commissioning scheduled for 2026), consists of a proton accelerator with one of a kind reliability and two target facilities with which research can be performed into radioisotopes, radioactive ion beam physics and nuclear fusion reactor materials. The subsequent phases extend the accelerator to drive a sub-critical reactor intended to prove the concept of nuclear waste transmutation (start of commissioning scheduled for 2040).
in preparation to the commissioning and operation of the MINERVA installation, your duties will be:

  • defining a radiation safety approach for commissioning, integrated with the commissioning plan of the MINERVA installation
  • contributing to the definition of a safety management plan of the installation during operation
  • contributing to the definition of the Operational Limits and Conditions (OLCs) for the radiation safety relevant systems and components (safety system settings, margin to safety limits)
  • setting up radiation safety requirements for commissioning tests of SSCI2S
  • developing operational procedures for personnel specific to the MINERVA installation and ensuring the safe operation of the installation
  • supporting the licensing process and safety demonstration of the MINERVA installation, and in particular the draw up of the Safety Assessment Report (SAR) to get the license for the operation of the installation
  • coordinating radiation safety analyses in support of the advanced design and commissioning of the MINERVA installation

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • Master in Nuclear Engineering or Nuclear Safety with minimum 5-years experience in Radiation Safety
  • experience with commissioning of nuclear installations is a plus
  • experience with writing technical documentation
  • fluency in English.
  • coordination and communication skills
  • team player

a job with SCK CEN means:

  • a chance to advance society
  • growing beyond your limits
  • being part of something bigger
  • excellent work-life balance
  • market conform salary
  • excellent social security (see


Tomas Sergooris
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