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Management Assistant

  • A "jack-of-all-trades" who can handle all aspects of administration
  • Project monitoring skills
  • Someone to whom communication comes naturally
  • A Bachelor's degree in Office Management
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Management & Operations

Are you an outstanding organiser and administrator? Your support is extremely important to us.

The Interdisciplinary Biosciences (BIO) expertise group, which forms part of the Institute for Environment, Health and Safety, studies the impact of ionising radiation on humans and on the environment. BIO's research is boundless; the sky is not the limit and that can be taken literally: Chernobyl, Fukushima and even outer space serve as testing grounds. Our work transcends figurative borders as well, however: BIO also conducts pioneering research into cancer and cancer treatments, in addition to searching for innovative systems that make it possible for food, water and oxygen to be supplied in space.

As a management assistant, you will play a crucial role in the operation of the group by providing suitable administrative support at all times. That support will encompass a variety of tasks and responsibilities – in addition to performing conventional secretarial work, you will be responsible for the administrative monitoring of projects and will liaise with colleagues from other groups and with external partners. Whenever necessary, you will deputise for the Institute director's management assistant and other groups may also call on your expertise if they need it.

Your tasks and responsibilities in general:

  • Responsibility for the professional production of memoranda, reports, presentations, letters, scientific publications, etc.;
  • Travel management;
  • Organising meetings: drawing up and distributing the meeting agenda, taking minutes and following up on actions;
  • Organising events, taking care of every detail;
  • Processing and managing orders;
  • Managing office materials and meeting rooms;
  • Assisting PhD students and interns (finding their way, time sheets, leave arrangements, etc.);
  • Liaising with colleagues from other groups;
  • Updating the internal database of scientific publications;
  • Managing documents within an online data platform.

Your tasks and responsibilities regarding project monitoring to assist project managers:

  • Performing the full spectrum of administrative tasks from the initial idea for a project to its final conclusion, including the implementation of the project in SAP;
  • Budget monitoring in SAP;
  • Managing and following up project-related information, such as Milestones and Deliverables;
  • Establishing and maintaining effective contacts with various internal and external stakeholders.

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • A Bachelor's degree in Office Management with a few years of experience as a "jack-of-all-trades" handling all aspects of administration.
  • Good analytical skills and an ability to distinguish key issues from side issues, including when drawing up the minutes of meetings.
  • A sense of initiative and independence. You must be able to set priorities and take initiatives to organise the work in the most effective way.
  • A good knowledge of Dutch, English and French. Language and communication must be close to your heart.
  • ICT skills in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint and Adobe Connect.
  • An affinity with project monitoring. A basic knowledge of accounting and SAP would be an advantage.
  • A hands-on mentality – colleagues see you as the go-to person for all of their administrative needs.
  • Flexibility: ad hoc assignments do not scare you and you are capable of switching rapidly between different tasks.


An-Sofie Craninx
an-sofie.craninx [at]