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Lab technician for Radioisotope Production Development

  • Unique opportunity for joining a highly dedicated R&D radioisotope research/development/production team   
  • Contribute to the development and production of next generation therapeutic radioisotopes for the benefit of cancer patients
  • Development of large-scale radiochemical separation processes for therapeutic b- radioisotopes towards routine production
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Management & Operations

Will you join us in the fight against cancer?

NURA is a dedicated program at SCK CEN focusing on radiopharmaceutical research and manufacturing of therapeutic radioisotopes for cancer treatment.
Within NURA, dedicated and enthusiastic multidisciplinary R&D teams are working together with clinical, academic and industrial partners on developing new therapeutic radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals for the benefit of patients.
SCK CEN is establishing a large-scale lutetium-177 radioisotope production facility, and we are currently expanding our radioisotope portfolio with new promising b-emitters, such as terbium-161.
As technician within the NURA R&D radioisotope team your task will be to actively contribute to the development of all aspects of the radiochemical separation processes needed to ensure a GMP compliant radioisotope production.
More specifically the responsibilities will be:

  • Prepare, set up and perform (radio-)chemical experiments (dissolution, separation, precipitation, …) to test, optimize and validate (radio-)chemical processes and installations
  • Perform calibrations and qualifications of equipment
  • Perform analytical sample preparation
  • Process, interpret and summarize experimental results in reports within the framework of pharmaceutical development guided by the experts of our GMP team
  • Assist in establishing the future GMP SOP framework for the developed processes (write work instructions and SOP’s)
  • Assist in transferring the developed processes from the R&D environment to the GMP production facility, where operation will take place in hot cells and clean room environments. Perform validation productions guided by our researchers and GMP experts
  • Participate in future routine radioisotope productions within the GMP production facility
  • Participate in the general management of the laboratories. This includes: monitoring the stock of chemicals and other consumables, executing purchase orders, ensuring safety, order and tidiness, ensuring the disposal of (radioactive) waste in accordance with the regulations etc.
  • Help out in nuclear transports, including collection of irradiated targets from the BR2 reactor, receiving irradiated targets from external neutron activation facilities, and preparing processed radioisotopes for outgoing transport

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • Diploma of Professional Bachelor
  • Knowledge and experience with radiochemistry, separation chemistry or analytical chemistry is a strong added value
  • Willingness to work with radioactive material in controlled areas is a must
  • Willingness to work in clean room environments, strictly following the GMP guidelines once the project enters routine production mode
  • Being able to perform physically demanding work, including hot cell operation and handling heavy loads (e.g. transport containers and solvent barrels)
  • Experience in process development is a plus
  • Experience with GMP or comparable quality management systems is a plus
  • Strong perceptive, practical and problem-solving capacity
  • Creative, critical and result driven mind-set
  • A team player, good organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Good knowledge of IT applications (MS Office,…)
  • Thrives on working in a dynamic work environment and deals well with a certain amount of unpredictability in the daily tasks
  • Transition to a position as production technician within the future GMP production facility is envisioned


Daan Caeyers
daan.caeyers [at]