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I&C engineer

  • design the process control system for the operation of the ISOL system
  • master's degree in engineering
  • permanent contract
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Can I C our new engineer that will contribute to the MYRRHA-project??

As I&C Engineer, you will become part of our enthusiastic, international and multidisciplinary ISOL team, which is currently composed of 10 engineers dedicated to the ISOL project within the MYRRHA programme.

Within this project, you will have the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • designing the overall process control system for the operation of the entire ISOL system (operation of target and ISOL beam dump, radioactive isotope extraction and transport, mass separation and first distribution towards physics experiments and collector station)    
  • designing/selecting the instrumentation required for the safe and efficient operation of the ISOL system
  • monitoring and control of ISOL system, RIB transport system and collector station
  • design of safety-related interlocks
  • design of a data acquisition system
  • interface with accelerator systems, the conventional systems of the facility and the users.

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • Master’s degree in engineering (electronics, ICT, automation…)
  • engineering experience (preferably with both analogue and digital instrumentation and control systems)
  • working experience as Control System & Instrumentation Engineer is a plus
  • good technical and computational skills
  • knowledge of EPICS and experience in design of HMI are considered assets
  • experience in working within an accelerator-based or research facility is an asset
  • experience in writing Functional Design Specifications for control systems is a plus
  • good communication and coordination skills
  • at ease with working in a team rather than independently
  • at ease with working under the pressure of strict deadlines
  • fluency in English (with the ability to draw up technical specifications & reports and to make oral presentations). Knowledge of French or Dutch is a plus OR willing to take language courses


Evi Belmans
evi.belmans [at]