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Head of Expert Group Impact and Site Remediation (SWD)

Head of Expert Group Impact and Site Remediation (ISR) - SWD Institute

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Management & Operations

Will you be our new Head of Expert group?

The Impact and Site Remediation Expert Group is organised into two units:

  • Biosphere Impact Studies
  • Crisis Management and Decision Support

The Impact and Site Remediation Expert Group:

  • is in charge of developing innovative multidisciplinary solutions for the remediation of contaminated sites (radiological and/or chemical contamination)
  • is in charge of studies of radiological impact on humans and the environment, notably as part of license applications for new nuclear facilities or studies of the conditional release of waste
  • carries out projects to protect individuals and the environment against the effects of ionising radiation
  • carries out projects to set up safeguards, as well as projects and training for nuclear site inspections
  • contributes with their teams to emergency plan exercises (support to the Belgian government)
  • participates actively in international research programmes

The Head of the Impact and Site Remediation Expert Group is responsible for the scientific, technical, financial and administrative management of the Expert Group. The Head of the Expert Group is responsible for:

  • strengthening and developing the Expert Group so that it becomes a benchmark, recognised in Belgium and internationally, in the remediation of radiologically and/or chemically contaminated sites
  • coordinating actions between the different SCK CEN Expert Groups to offer innovative and effective solutions for the remediation of contaminated sites, in particular for the Umicore site (Radium waste) with a view to becoming a key player in the development of a solution for the disposal of this waste
  • developing innovative solutions for recycling NORM waste
  • providing the operational and functional management of the Expert Group
  • developing the skills of the Expert Group in the field of site remediation
  • maintaining skills in the fields of safeguards and emergency plan management

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • university degree (master's or doctorate), preferably in engineering (bio-engineer), applied science or science
  • extensive knowledge of contaminated site remediation and NORM waste
  • strong ability to interact with various partners and to promote projects effectively
  • proven experience in coordinating teams
  • good organisational, communication and leadership skills
  • positive and critical thinking
  • strong language skills (DU, FR, EN)

Interested candidates should submit their application by 21 June 2024 at the latest. In addition to a cover letter and detailed curriculum vitae, the application must also include a document in English (maximum 5 pages) setting out their approach outlining the strategy of the Impact and Site Remediation expertise group, as well as its operationalisation and a view of its internal organisation.


Annik Stessens
annik.stessens [at]