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Electronics Engineer for power converter applications

  • responsible for all power converters of the accelerator
  • ensure compliance with the high uptime requirements
  • master’s degree in electrical engineering or equivalent
  • experience in the procurement and operation of power converter systems is required
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We are ready to build our accelerator. Are you?

MYRRHA will be the world’s first sub-critical, particle accelerator-driven reactor to safely produce nuclear energy while solving the nuclear waste issue. But there’s still a lot of work to be done, such as constructing MINERVA – the project’s first implementation phase that consists of a 100 MeV high-power, superconducting particle accelerator and a proton target facility for the development of (new) medical radioisotopes.
The beam commissioning of this accelerator facility is scheduled for 2026. To help us achieve this goal, we are looking for a Power converter engineer. In this position, you will:

  • be responsible for the procurement, installation, commissioning and operation of all power converters for all magnets, including the fast HEBT magnetic kicker and scanning system magnets
  • ensure compliance with the exceptionally high reliability requirements/ develop strategies to minimise system downtime
  • ensure alignment with the related infrastructure and integration into the control system
  • develop, implement and test control strategies together with the I&C engineers of the primary and secondary systems

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • master’s degree in (industrial) engineering or equivalent
  • experience in the procurement, commissioning and operation of power converter systems
  • experience with particle accelerators is an asset
  • ability to communicate in a multidisciplinary, international environment
  • good knowledge of English; knowledge of French/Dutch is considered an extra asset


Tomas Sergooris
tomas.sergooris [at]