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Analyst Programmer

  • Master's degree in Computer Science
  • Help upgrade to future-proof applications
  • More than just programming!
  • Temporary 4-year contract
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Management & Operations

Will you help create impactful applications within our team?

As an Analyst Programmer, you will work within our “Dismantling & Decontamination” unit, or D&D for short. This unit is responsible for dismantling and decontaminating nuclear facilities inside and outside SCK CEN. Dismantling also involves the management of the materials that are released. This involves:

  • reducing and sorting the materials by type of material
  • having these materials characterised by the competent internal services
  • the disposal of these materials to their proper destination.

In order to manage the released materials, a number of tools that run in Access and VBA, sometimes in combination with SQL Server, have been developed within the unit. These tools need to be upgraded and linked together. We want to continue to support these databases in the short/medium term and to make the upgrade to a future-oriented application possible. The following tasks are on your list:

  • You will evaluate the needs of the stakeholders.
  • You will collaborate with colleagues from D&D and/or other units to define the scope and priorities. You will come up with targeted and feasible solutions.
  • Based on a functional analysis, you are able to develop the technical design and write the software. You will deliver an application that is based on well-written code, with everything that is expected of modern code.
  • You will ensure clear specifications and documentation of the application.
  • You will continuously consult with the various stakeholders in the development process.
  • You will define the test scenarios.
  • You will be responsible for the maintenance and support of the application.

It should be noted that this position is not directly situated within SCK CEN's ICT service. However, close collaboration with this service is anticipated, so that they can also support you where necessary.

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • You have a master's degree in Computer Science and at least 5 years of experience as an analyst, programmer or analyst programmer.
  • You have a strong interest in programming, but you want more than just that.
  • You have a good knowledge of MS applications, more specifically Access and VBA, and you can
  • upgrade these databases to SQL.
  • You have knowledge of C#, Entity framework core, .Net Core , ASP.NET, Blazor, Web API, REST, Identity Server, unit testing, build automation, DevOps, Git/Gitflow, MS SQL Server, etc.
  • You work meticulously with an eye for detail, quality and safety.
  • You are enthusiastic, entrepreneurial and communicative.
  • You are eager to learn and can work independently. You are willing to learn company-specific processes.
  • Experience with the Volere method is an asset.


An-Sofie Craninx
an-sofie.craninx [at]