Design Engineer Myrrha

Primary System Design

Job description

As a Design Engineer within the MYRRHA reactor design team, he/she
• will familiarise himself/herself with the current design
• will be responsible for the further development of a number of reactor components, in collaboration with colleagues and various designers
• will provide feedback to the other members of the team with regard to the technical design
• will ensure that the design is compatible with the outcomes from ongoing research and development activities
• will take other aspects of the project that may have an effect on the design, such as the particle accelerator, the neutronics and thermohydraulics of the design, the spallation source, instrumentation and control and the nuclear and conventional safety of the installation
• will draw up the necessary reports for the project, in order to obtain the necessary approvals for the construction of the reactor

Required qualifications

• A Master’s degree in Engineering Sciences (Civil Engineering), preferably specialising in Mechanics or Electromechanics
• An additional Master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering or a knowledge of nuclear energy applications would be desirable
• Experience in performing thermohydraulic calculations
• Experience with construction codes, such as ASME and/or RCC-M, RCC-MRx;
• Knowledge of structural materials used in a nuclear environment
• Experience in the design and commissioning of installations will be desirable
• Effective communications skills enabling the candidate to operate as part of an international and multi-disciplinary team
• A good knowledge of information technology applications for technical/scientific purposes
• The ability to draw up reports, manuals and procedures effectively in English
• The ability to work with precision and in accordance with the applicable standards and the stipulated procedures
• A willingness to take part in additional training
• A knowledge of Dutch and French and a good knowledge of English


Should you have any questions, please contact

Belmans Evi
+32 (0)14 33 25 82