Tailor-made irradiation services

SCK•CEN uses its knowledge of material aging and innovative nuclear technology worldwide to ensure a safe operation and the supervision of nuclear sites. SCK•CEN’s BR2 research reactor plays a huge role in materials research. In the BR2, all kinds of nuclear fuels and structure materials for current nuclear plants and future reactor designs are irradiated. Thanks to the intensity of the radiation, we are able to get a realistic picture of how the materials (will) behave in a nuclear reactor so that we can precisely predict the life span of nuclear reactors.

We offer tailor-made irradiation services:

  1. Full, integrated process
    Throughout the entire process, we guide you through each step of the process. We draw the plans, carry out the irradiation and analyse the materials. Afterwards, we gather the results in an extensive report.
  2. Modular process
    Throughout the modular process, we mainly make our facilities available. We guide you through the safety analysis required to use our facilities but the design and construction of the device as well as the analysis are mainly your responsibility. This process can also be customised, whereby we directly examine together how we can offer our best services and how our experts can provide the most added value.


Joris Van den Bosch
BR2 Stakeholder manager