Analysis and measurements

Reactor dosimetry

The aim of reactor dosimetry is to determine neutron fluences for various types of applications. One of the most commonly used techniques for this purpose is the neutron activation technique. Surveillance capsules present in nuclear power reactors, for example, are typically equipped with a set of activation wires or foils (dosimeters). After irradiation the neutron fluence received by the surveillance capsule can be determined from the measured dosimeter activities.


SCK•CEN has extensive experience in the field of reactor dosimetry through the research we conduct and the services we offer. The reactor dosimetry laboratory obtained its first accreditation in 1998.

Nowadays the laboratory is accredited by BELAC for its services according to ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

The laboratory is equipped with high-purity germanium detectors that are used for high-resolution gamma and X-ray spectrometry measurements.

Examples of our standard reactor dosimetry services

  • Surveillance dosimetry for nuclear power reactors
  • Dosimetry for research reactor experiments
  • Retrospective dosimetry
  • Consultancy

Calibration services

We offer calibration services for neutron detectors such as fission chambers using the standard irradiation fields (thermal spectrum or fission spectrum) in the BR1 reactor.



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