Radiochemical analyses

Many companies, including nuclear power plant operators, producers of medical radioisotopes, radioactive waste processors and nuclear research installations ask us to conduct chemical and radiochemical analyses on their behalf.

We can determine the chemical and radiochemical composition, and the activity (alpha, beta and gamma activities) of radionuclides in

  • Aqueous solutions: leach waters, reactor cooling waters, waste waters, etc.
  • Solid matter: radioactive waste, unirradiated and spent nuclear fuels, resins, filters, soil samples, etc.

We have a wide range of analytical equipment installed in radiochemical laboratories and our facilities are dedicated to the analysis of both low- and high-level radioactive samples. Our extensive experience built up over many years enables us to analyse the chemical and radiochemical composition of even the most complex materials and samples.

If needed, and especially for complex samples, we can apply specific sample preparation techniques (combustion, microwave and high-pressure digestion, etc.) and radiochemical separations to a sample.

Our radiochemical analyses are complementary to the low-level radioactivity measurements performded at SCK•CEN.

Glove box for manipulation and analysis of highly radiotoxic samples

Hot cells for manipulation and processing of strong gamma-emitting materials



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