Research partners

As a world-respected study centre SCK•CEN has a wide range of research partners. We encourage the worldwide exchange of knowledge about the peaceful applications of radioactivity in a number of ways. To this end we play an important part in various international networks of scientific institutions. We work together on all matters related to our mission and objectives.

We have a number of co-operation agreements with research centres, universities, companies, authorities and organisations at home and abroad. Dozens of projects are running in various European Commission scientific programmes, but we look beyond the horizon of the European Union. A good example of this is the MYRRHA project, which we are conducting through worldwide co-operation.

We attach considerable importance to broadening our horizons. By tackling projects together, we achieve more rapid results. SCK•CEN characterises itself explicitly as an internationally oriented facility.

Interested in our on-going research projects? Discover them on our Science Platform.

With what kind of research partners
do we co-operate?


  • Federal and regional authorities (Belspo, FWO, FNRS, ...)
  • Supervisory authorities (Federal Agency for Nuclear Control, National Institution for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Materials, etc.)
  • European and international institutions (International Atomic Energy Agency, United Nations, ESA, etc.)
  • etc.

Education and academic sector


  • Energy producers
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Electronics companies
  • Consultancy offices
  • etc.

Research institutions

  • Nuclear
  • Non-nuclear

Healthcare sector

  • Hospitals
  • Medical practices
  • Medical laboratories
  • Manufacturers and distributors of medical radio-isotopes
  • Manufacturers of medical devices

Why do we work with external research partners?

  • To provide a service
  • To deploy our expertise
  • To exchange knowledge and information
  • To exploit our own developments
  • To co-operate within European research projects
  • To bring in knowledge we do not ourselves possess in-house

How do we work together?

  • Structural and long-term co-operation agreements
  • Contract research
  • Service provision contracts
  • Exchange of experts
  • Joint establishment of spin-offs, joint-ventures, etc.
  • Training people
  • Assisting doctorates and postdocs
  • etc.


Do you wish to co-operate with us?

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