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Reactor BR3: in the process of decommissioning

As a prototype pressurised water reactor, the BR3 (Belgian Reactor 3) was operational from 1962 to 1987. Around the world, pressurised water reactors are mostly found in nuclear power plants. BR3 was the first of its kind in Europe and in the next few years it will be the first on a world scale to be fully decommissioned.


Europe chose reactor BR3 in order to carry out the first complete decommissioning of a reactor and to enable SCK•CEN to study all its aspects. We developed new methods in-house to ensure safety during the whole of the dismantling process.

The knowledge acquired in the field of radiation protection, radioactive waste and decommissioning techniques enables us to assist in the careful dismantling of nuclear facilities all over the world.

The information also acts as a guideline in the design of new installations in order to ensure that, when they have reached the end of their service life, they can be decommissioned in a safe and efficient way.


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