In September 2017, the International Atom Energy Agency (IAEA) designated SCK•CEN as one of the four International Centres based on Research Reactor (ICERR) in the world for its unique knowledge and infrastructure. With this label, the IAEA wants to give member states access to the research facilities in order to help them develop their nuclear sciences and technology programs. The ICERR plaque was officially unveiled in the presence of Yukiya Amano, Director-General of the IAEA.

Our unique facilities

The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre offers a large range of services thanks to its cutting-edge facilities and its 750 scientists and engineers willing to share their knowledge to make technology progress in many areas. These five research facilities are included in the ICERR program:

  1. Low power graphite reactor BR1
  2. Very high flux research reactor BR2
  3. Zero power reactor VENUS
  4. Multifunctional research infrastructure MYRRHA

Furthermore, SCK•CEN opens its research reactors ancillary facilities to IAEA State Members, among which hot laboratories with various well-instrumented hot cells, radiochemical labs, advanced neutronic tools for detailed calculations of irradiation conditions, PWR power plant in decommissioning BR3 and our underground high level waste research lab.

Custom-made nuclear training and services

SCK•CEN can be your partner for international collaborations and networking, for consultancy and advice on nuclear research infrastructures. SCK•CEN also provides academics courses for students and customized training courses for professionals covering a wide range of topics, such as nuclear technology, nuclear materials, radiation protection, emergency management, decommissioning and decontamination, waste disposal, radiation biology and ecology, and radiochemistry.


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