Emergency planning exercise at SCK•CEN


In the morning of Tuesday 2 July, there will be a lot of bustle on SCK•CEN’s domain. The reason for this bustle will be an emergency planning exercise. As part of this exercise, you could experience some nuisance, for example, you could hear the sirens. SCK•CEN carries out this exercise in cooperation with the province authorities and the local emergency services. During the exercise, not only the internal procedures of SCK•CEN will be under scrutiny, but also the cooperation between the Emergency planning room of SCK•CEN, the authorities and the teams on the field will be tested.

The emergency planning exercise is part of the periodic tests which are covered by the law for each nuclear site. After the exercise, every party will assess their own operation as well as the cooperation between them.

More information: SCK●CEN, 014 33 28 56, philippe.antoine@sckcen.be