MYRRHA financing is secured


In response to an article in the Belgian daily De Standaard of 12 February 2019, SCK•CEN would like to repeat that the MYRRHA project’s financing is secured and is not affected by political developments in the country. The decision to finance MYRRHA, a new large research infrastructure, was made by a majority government on 7 September 2018 and remains in place, despite the resignation of that government in December 2018. With a caretaker government in place, MYRRHA continues to be funded this year via the generally recognised system of provisional twelfths that applies to all federal government expenditure. For the MYRRHA project at SCK•CEN, it remains business as usual. The first MYRRHA components are currently being assembled and tested in Mol and Louvain-la-Neuve.

MYRRHA is a large nuclear research facility which is of paramount importance for society in more ways than one. This infrastructure aims at developing an innovative solution to sharply reduce the mass and storage duration of nuclear high-level radioactive waste.

Another huge challenge addressed by MYRRHA is nuclear medicine research and development. MYRRHA will contribute to the development of new radioisotopes that will enable less invasive cancer therapies.

With its unique accelerator driven set-up, MYRRHA is bound to attract a wide range of scientists and engineers. MYRRHA represents a distinctive fundamental and applied research infrastructure that will contribute to the innovative world awaiting us all.

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