SCK•CEN signs the Green deal “Companies and biodiversity”


On 20 September, SCK•CEN made a deal with nature. Jointly with more than 110 other companies, Peter Baeten, SCK•CEN Deputy Director-General, signed the Green deal “Companies and biodiversity”.

The ‘Green deal’ is an initiative of Flemish Minister for Environment Joke Schauvliege to green companies and sectors with a view to preserving local fauna and flora. By signing the Green deal, companies commit to launch a green project. On 20 September, SCK•CEN, together with more than 110 other companies, made this promise.

SCK•CEN wants to create a beautiful Campine landscape by stimulating the typical fauna and flora found in the region and, in doing so, to increase biodiversity. “Not only is it worth it for nature, but it is also profitable for all employees and visitors who can enjoy a green environment”, states Peter Baeten, SCK•CEN Deputy Director-General.

The second largest company

Just like Rome was not built in a day, this project requires time. “Our domain stretches over 371 hectares. This makes us the second largest company to take on this challenge, after Brussels Airport”, explains Peter Baeten. What is the game plan? “First, we will study the current state of the domain. We will check which plants grow on it and which animals or insects live there. Then a study will have to show how we can increase biodiversity, with as many green typical landscape spaces as possible. This is how we want to create an environment where people and animals feel at home.”