School from Brussels wins the Nuclear Game Challenge


The Team Nuclairons! from the Collège Jean XXIII (Brussels) won the Nuclear Game Challenge with their game ‘Enrich U’. “In this game, you go on a mission to take on challenges in the fields of nuclear energy, nuclear waste, space travel or nuclear medicine. You do not have any possible means at your disposal. You have to collect them but be careful: you are not the only one! The first to complete the mission is promoted”, explains Julia Zaman (student at the Collège Jean XXIII).

Nearly 100 students from 17 different schools gathered for the Nuclear Game Challenge to create an interactive and creative game on the topic of nuclear science and applications. The students were inspired by the kick-off event in the Natural Sciences Museum in Brussels, where they got to know more about several nuclear topics. “Radioactivity, radiation protection, nuclear applications and nuclear research were all discussed. Afterwards, the students began working in groups of five”, states Michèle Coeck (head of SCK•CEN Academy). “Five months later, we received 18 creative games in total. Choosing was really tough for the jury!”

The game ‘Enrich U’, invented by the team Nuclairons! of the Brussels school Collège Jean XXIII, finished in first place. “An innovative and original game thanks to its variety, its constructive level of difficulty, the various fields of expertise which are dealt with and the challenge of thinking strategically. “Luck” cards and other tricks keep you at the edge of your seat until the end. 

The students found their participation in this competition to be a pleasant and instructive experience. When asked if they would like to participate a second time, they all answered yes. “Participating in the competition is very intense but it boosts your creativity and challenges you to give your very best.”Suspense guaranteed!”, explains Michèle Coeck. The team also added an expansion for this game. Yannis Tampaxis (student at Collège Jean XXIII): “In the expansion, some levels are locked by the so-called ‘gamma rays’, which gives the game another dimension. Other strategies are needed if you want to win.”

Award ceremony

Nuclairons! wins a three-day visit to the EC-JRC research institute in Ispra. The Daltonatheneum (Westerlo) and the Sint-Jozefschool (Mere) finished respectively in second and third place. This week, both teams were able to come and get their FNAC voucher of respectively 1500 and 1000 euros.

Scientific competition

The Nuclear Game Challenge is a scientific competition for youngsters in third grade secondary education in which students are challenged to come up with an educative game on the topic of nuclear science and applications. The scientific competition is an initiative of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN) and the Joint Research Centre (EC-JRC).