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Reactor BR1
The first reactor in Belgium still providing a service.
Reactor BR2
One of the world’s most powerful and flexible research reactors.
Reactor BR3
The key to research on decommissioning.
Reactor VENUS-F: project GUINEVERE
Particle accelerator and research reactor linked together: a world first!
MYRRHA: a new multifunctional research reactor
A prototype of a reactor driven by a particle accelerator.
HADES underground laboratory
Deep disposal of radioactive waste unravelled.
Laboratory for high and medium level activity
Focus on material properties.
Nuclear fusion research
Research to generate energy from nuclear fusion.
Analyses and measurements
SCK•CEN is able to execute a variety of measurement and analysis services on behalf of its clients.
Radiobiology, microbiology, radioecology
Behaviour of radioactive substances and impact of radiation on mankind and the environment.
Education and training
Passing knowledge on to future generations is one of our key tasks.
Behind the scenes
The housing facilities, the hotel-restaurant and the surrounding area.