Board of Directors

From left to right: Frank Deconinck, Michel Giot, Eric van Walle, Georges Denef, Katrien Kimpe, Yves De Graeve, Cis Schepens, Derrick Gosselin, Didier De Buyst, Sigrid Jourdain, Tine Baelmans, Didier Hellin, Raf Suys, Nele Geudens, Martial Pardoen. Absent: Patrick Lansens.


Chairman Derrick Gosselin
Vice chairmen Didier Hellin
  Patrick Lansens
Managing Director Sigrid Jourdain 
Members Tine Baelmans
  Didier De Buyst
  Georges Denef
  Nele Geudens
  Michel Giot
  Katrien Kimpe
  Raf Suys
  Cis Schepens
Honorary members Frank Deconinck

Government commissioners

Yves De Graeve
Martial Pardoen

Duties of the members 

The members of the Board of Directors are chosen amongst leading figures from the academic, business and company world or amongst senior administrators. Beside their presence at the Board’s meetings, and for some of them at the Bureau or task forces stemming from the Board (finances, wages, security, governance, MYRRHA), they support in many different ways the development of the Centre and help maintaining its reputation as a centre of excellence at international level.

Some examples:

  • Considerations on and drawing up of documents related to SCK•CEN’s strategy, namely when durability of its research tools is involved;
  • Considerations on and drawing up of the Ethical Charter;
  • Supporting the Management during visits abroad and for welcoming international partners in Belgium, including the possible signing of collaboration agreements. These include State visits and princely missions in particular (Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, South Korea);
  • Participating in welcoming Belgian and foreign personalities (Royal house, ministers, ambassadors, members of parliament, directors of European research institutes, …);
  • Supporting the Management in organizing scientific conferences in Belgium and abroad (ex. ANIMMA, Symposium on medical radioisotopes, Nuclear Energy for New Europe, …);
  • Participating in scientific, social and cultural events of the Centre;
  • Supporting the industrial contacts and private partners;
  • Contact with the Scientific Council of SCK•CEN.

Support activities are considered as being part of their duties and do not grant additional remuneration. These activities are divided among members depending on their skills and availabilities.

Two Union representatives also attend the Board’s meetings, without being paid for it: Geert Van Autenboer and Frans Geerts.

Corporate governance regulations of SCK•CEN

Remuneration members Board of Directors 2017

Attendance rate Board of Directors and the Bureau