Structure and management

Organisational structure

SCK•CEN comprises 3 scientific institutes:

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A fourth institute focuses on providing support to the three scientific institutes:

  • The Institute for General Services and Administration

The organisation chart

Daily running

The Management Committee, led by the Director-General, takes care of the daily running of the operations. The Management Committee consists of the heads of the various institutes and units.

  • Eric van Walle: Director-General
  • Hamid Aït Abderrahim: Deputy Director-General
  • Peter Baeten: Deputy Director-General
  • Kathleen Overmeer: Institute Manager of the General Services & Administration
  • Sven Van den Berghe: Institute Director of Nuclear Materials Sciences
  • Marc Schyns: Institute Director of Advanced Nuclear Systems
  • Hildegarde Vandenhove: Institute Director of Environment, Health and Safety

Corporate governance regulations

Board of Governors

As the highest authority, the Board of Governors is responsible for the smooth running of SCK•CEN. The Board of Governors sets SCK•CEN’s strategic course and is authorised to perform the following: the work programme, annual budgets, organisation chart, accounts, major financial decisions etc.

Membership of the Board of Directors

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of members from the Board of Governors who follow the execution of any decisions that have been taken and prepare the Board of Governors’ meetings.

Membership of the Executive Committee

Advisory bodies

The role of the Scientific Council (WAC) is to advise the Board of Governors and the Management Committee. This advisory body focuses on the scientific and societal aspects of the SCK•CEN operations. The advisory service also includes education and training, communication, networking and development of the scientific research. In addition, the Scientific Council (WAC) also assesses the quality of the research conducted by SCK•CEN.

Membership of the Scientific Council

Legal profile

The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre is a foundation of public utility, with a legal status according to private law, that operates under the tutorship of the Belgian Minister in charge of Energy.

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