What is eduroam?

Eduroam is an international network, providing easy wireless access to the internet for staff and students of educational and research institutes that are member of the netwerk. More info about eduroam can be found at and

Use of eduroam

Everybody using eduroam should respect the following policies:

  • Belnet - acceptable use policy [NL] [FR]

The use of eduroam is logged and the status is being monitored. In order to track abuse all data regarding login and usage are stored for a minimum of 12 months.

What do you need?

  1. A device (laptop, smartphone, tablet) with a wireless network adapter supporting WPA2.
  2. A username (login) and password of the SCK•CEN or institute that is member of eduroam.
  3. A programme to modify the following settings.




802.11 b/g/n


WPA2 Enterprise





Authentication protocol


Check the proper manual to make the necessary changes for the operating system of your device:

Windows 10

Windows 7

Windows 7 met Odyssey (SCK•CEN)

Windows Phone 7



eduroam_Android (380 kB)

Symbian (Nokia)

eduroam_NOKIA (500 kB)

iOS (Apple)

eduroam_IOS (349 kB)

Mac OS (Apple)




Eduroam for visitors

Eduroam is available at the SCK•CEN for visitors with an eduroam account. The WiFi network is accessible in all meeting rooms of the domain in Mol, in the Lakehouse in Mol, and in the office in Brussels. Verify the necessary settings for your device.

Contact the ICT Service Desk at 014 33 87 55 for assistance.

Eduroam for SCK•CEN personnel

SCK•CEN personnel can access the wireless network of other institutes with their SCK•CEN account. Check in advance the availability of eduroam at the institute ( or The eduroam info page of the institute should contain the necessary information to access the wireless network. Follow the installation procedure when required. Use your SCK login account, followed by ( and your personal password. Contact the local ICT service desk for assistance.

At SCK•CEN you can use eduroam to access the internet with your smartphone or tablet. See above for the instructions for your device.