SCK•CEN scientist Hans Vanmarcke publishes first report as chairman of UNSCEAR


On 8 February, UNSCEAR launched an important report about radiation exposure resulting from generating electricity. The report is UNSCEAR first publication of 2017, and also the first under the leadership of Belgian Professor Hans Vanmarcke.

UNSCEAR is the United Nations Scientific Committee on the effects of exposure to ionising radiation. Hans Vanmarcke has been involved in UNSCEAR since 1996, firstly as a member of the Belgian delegation and then as chairman of this delegation in 2008. In 2015, he was appointed vice-chairman and since 1 January 2017, he is officially at the head of UNSCEAR.

“It is a privilege for me to be UNSCEAR’s face for the next two years.” Says Hans Vanmarcke, Head of Radiological Impact and Performance studies and Molecular and Cellular Biology Expert Groups at SCK•CEN. “I am very pleased with the publication of the four reports approved last year in Vienna. The report that’s catching the eye on a social level is the one comparing the exposure to ionising radiation in different forms of electricity production. A surprising outcome is the fact that the exposure of population and workers resulting from the same amount of electricity generated by coal cycle on the one hand or nuclear fuel cycle on the other hand is about the same.”

The four reports, including this one, which compare electricity generation technologies and methods can be consulted on UNSCEAR website.