MYRRHA: a new multifunctional research reactor

> Why are we building MYRRHA?
> The benefits of MYRRHA for SCK•CEN, the Kempen region and Belgium
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> Global success story
> When will MYRRHA be ready?

What is MYRRHA?

MYRRHA stands for Multi-purpose hYbrid Research Reactor
for High-tech Applications.

Nuclear installation driven by a particle accelerator:
MYRRHA as a prototype

MYRRHA is the very first prototype nuclear reactor in the world to be driven by a particle accelerator. Special property: a particle accelerator maintains the nuclear fission chain reaction by means of an external neutron source. It is referred to as a subcritical reactor, i.e. the core contains insufficient fissile material to maintain the chain reaction spontaneously.

This nuclear technology is very safe and easy to control. When the particle accelerator is stopped, the nuclear reaction also stops automatically within one hundred thousandth of a second.

Because of the vast differences in comparison with existing reactors, it is safe to say that this is an exceptional new research reactor:

  • MYRRHA operates with fast neutrons, controlled by an accelerator.
  • The reactor is cooled with liquid metal: a lead bismuth alloy.
  • The reactor is subcritical and consequently easily controllable.

MYRRHA pictures and 3D simulations

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