Scientific collaborator - 4 years

4 years

Job description

You will be employed as a scientific collaborator within the expert group “RP Dosimetry and Calibration”. This group is in charge of services and research in dosimetric applications. Your job will focus on research in dosimetric applications and more specifically on microdosimetry and its applications in the medical field such as hadron therapy. You will be part of a team consisting of 8 scientists, each one with his/her own expertise, helped by several PhD students.


As a scientific collaborator, your main duty will consist in developing the line of research in microdosimetry. You will do so by guiding PhD students and participating in European projects and partnerships with national and international stakeholders. More specifically, your duties will be as follows:

  • You are in charge of the development of microdosimetric measurement capacity, namely with mini TEPCs and silicon detectors;
  • You carry out characterization and tests of microdosimetric detectors;
  • You perform (Monte Carlo) simulations for micro- and nanodosimetric purposes and use various codes for it (FLUKA, GEANT4, GEANT4 DNA, …);
  • You are responsible for projects on dosimetric characterization in hadron therapy and make the connection with the biological effects;
  • You look after the existing PhD projects in microdosimetry and make proposals for new PhD projects;
  • You perform research on microdosimetric aspects in radiotherapy.

Required qualifications

You fulfil the following requirements:

  • PhD in Sciences;
  • Experience in research on dosimetry for ionizing radiation;
  • You like being immersed in applied science research;
  • You are practical, creative and able to think out of the box;
  • You show team spirit;
  • Good oral and written communication and writing skills;
  • Good knowledge of English (reading, writing and speaking) is essential.

The following is not strictly required but proves to be an asset:

  • Experience in microdosimetry;
  • Experience in Monte Carlo simulations;
  • Experience in research on proton therapy;
  • Experience in radiobiology;
  • Experience in medical physics;
  • Experience in radiation detectors development.


Should you have any questions, please contact

Craninx An-Sofie
+32 (0)14 33 25 84