Licensing Manager


Job description

SCK • CEN is looking for a Licensing Manager in the frame of the MYRRHA programme, an ADS composed of a lead-bismuth cooled reactor, a lead-bismuth spallation target and a high power proton accelerator.
After taking the responsibility for the management of running pre-licensing activities for the full MYRRHA installation, you will be gradually involved in jointly managing the licensing phase itself for both the full installation and the reactor, according to present roadmap.
Licenses and supporting documents of different natures will need to be obtained for MYRRHA (Class I nuclear installation), but first initially for the reactor. If present activities are focused on safety, they will have soon to be further developed or extended to security and safeguards, decommissioning, environment in view of the final delivery of the construction permit.

As MYRRHA licensing manager, you will:

  • manage the licensing activities related to the reactor in terms of objectives, scope, budget and planning, human resources, identify the risks associated with these activities and report on the progress of this sub-programme to the MYRRHA Management Team (MMT);
  • set up and upgrade, based on project baseline, the work structure and organization of this licensing sub-programme for obtaining in time the necessary licenses for the MYRRHA installation, resp. the reactor;
  • be the single person of contact (SPOC) for the communication with the Belgian Nuclear Safety Authorities (FANC/AFCN & Bel-V), and in this frame, to stimulate and improve the flow of information to and from in-house experts and managers;
  • contribute to the writing or review of all documents to be issued in this frame for any federal, regional or local authority, in compliance with the requirements of our Quality Management System, national and international standards, requirements and guidelines;
  • ensure further the specific coordination requested by multidisciplinary issues, including integration of internal and external actors and consultants when appropriate.

Required qualifications

  • You have a Master's degree in engineering sciences;
  • at least 5 years experience in at least one of the MYRRHA nuclear disciplines is a must ( e.g. fast reactor design, reactor safety, LBE-technology );
  • a few years experience in project management and safety or environmental studies is a plus;
  • additional licensing knowledge of advanced nuclear systems based on safety standards is an asset;
  • your communication, coordination and writing skills enable you to work in multidisciplinary team;
  • you have a good working knowledge of general office software applications;
  • you are fluent in English and you have knowledge of Dutch or French or are prepared to improve if necessary.


Should you have any questions, please contact

Deben Frederik
+32 (0)14 33 25 72