Laboratory technician - 4 years

4 years

Job description

Sampling and preparation of samples in accordance with the applicable procedures:

  • Follow up and, if necessary, adjust the work planning to take and prepare samples, taking into account all the specific prior condition;
  • Follow up the daily work in the laboratory to guarantee a smooth and efficient work;
  • Take samples of, for instance, grass, soil, surface water, rainwater and food at different locations in Belgium;
  • Prepare samples by using various frequent laboratory techniques such as acidification, calcination, dilution, lyophilisation, radiochemical separations, preconcentration, …;
  • Take samples and prepare them in case of a nuclear incident;
  • Register samples and preparation parameters in the LIMS;
  • Follow up the order and cleanliness in the laboratories and the sampling vehicles;
  • Follow up the maintenance and calibration planning of the laboratory equipment;
  • Problem solving of sampling equipment outside of SCK•CEN domain;
  • Follow up and control measurement results for the monitoring programme of the authorities.

Upgrade and develop laboratory procedures:

  • Adapt the working practices to ISO standards or new requirements (e.g. by using preconcentration techniques for achieving lower detection limits in nuclear measurements);
  • Research on various sample preparation techniques based on their impact on radioactivity analysis;
  • Draw up working instructions for sampling and sample preparation which use newly purchased measuring equipment.

Provide support to the head of laboratory Neutronen Activeringsanalyse:

  • Prepare samples in accordance with the applicable procedures;
  • Measure gamma spectra;
  • Carry out basic computation;
  • Carry out quality assessments;
  • Prepare reports for internal and external customers.

Required qualifications

  • Professional Bachelor’s degree in chemistry (chemistry graduate).
  • You have your driving license.
  • You are ready to take part in an overtime duty in the Low-level Radioactivity Measurements laboratory after a training period.
  • You have a good knowledge of the main office tools (MS Office, mainly Word, Excel and Access).
  • A good knowledge of Dutch and basic knowledge of English and French is an asset.
  • Showing good skills in technical aspects required by the function is a significant asset.
  • You are able to work on your own or as part of a team.
  • You are immune to stress.
  • You can plan and organize well and you have an eye for the consequences on your teammates.
  • You are able to set the example in a team and to bring it to good team results.
  • You are punctual in terms of planning and procedures with an eye on order and cleanliness.
  • You are ready to be flexible in terms of leave, etc. so the operation of the laboratory can be guaranteed.


Should you have any questions, please contact

Craninx An-Sofie
+32 (0)14 33 25 84