Scientific collaborator (m/f) - 2 years

2 years
Structural Materials

Job description

As a scientific collaborator, you will contribute to the research in fusion material and to the program for ITER and DEMO, aimed at characterization of the neutron irradiation effects in high heat flux materials and materials for high temperature applications.
More specifically, your function consists in the following:

  • carry out microstructural characterization of, by means of transmission electron and scanning electron microscope (with EBSD and EDX analyses), baseline and advanced fusion materials as well as new composites for DEMO applications;
  • contribute to and get the scientific publications and reports ready on your own;
  • follow-up of mechanical tests (including high temperature tests), carrying out of advanced data analysis of mechanical tests on fusion materials exposed to various fusion contexts (neutron irradiation, high temperature, thermal shock, ion irradiation…);
  • carry out advanced characterization of materials: thermal desorption spectroscopy, nano-indentation, nuclear reaction-analysis and X-ray spectroscopy;
  • assist in guiding Master and PhD students in the field of fusion. Initiate and monitor a Master’s thesis, support the collaboration with external partners including the exchanges of staff/students and use of partners’ facilities;
  • help maintaining contacts with existing and potential customers for running and future projects in relation to fusion research.

Required qualifications

  • Master’s degree in Engineering or PhD in Science or Applied Sciences, preferably in materials science;
  • experience in experimental research on fusion materials for the first wall is essential;
  • expertise in microstructural or mechanical research on fusion materials is an important asset;
  • scientific publications (A1) related to the study of fusion materials or the study of tungsten based materials are required;
  • knowledge of radiation protection is a strong added value;
  • being prepared to work in controlled areas;
  • organizational awareness and good writing skills;
  • being able to work independently and project-based within an international frame;
  • being enthusiastic and company-oriented;
  • good knowledge of office tools;
  • fluent in English, knowledge of French and Dutch is an asset.



Should you have any questions, please contact

Verbruggen Véronique
+32 (0)14 33 25 79