Electrochemistry/metallurgy project leader


Job description

We are looking for a skilled team of engineers and chemists for a new semi-industrial research project. The engineers will work together for the development and implementation of a new and innovative chemical process oriented towards recycling and purification of nuclear materials which were used for the production of medical radioisotopes. The process consists of different stages among which solution, separation and extraction, precipitation, oxide conversion and metal conversion.

As electrochemistry/metallurgy project leader, you are responsible for oxide-to-metal conversion as well as for the support to other related research projects from Radiochemistry group.
This includes:

  • leading your project fully respecting the targets, planning and budget fixed including reporting of the project (project plan, reporting the progress made, procedures,…);
  • preparing (including scientific literature), designing and implementing a oxide-to-metal conversion installation in collaboration with the design team;
  • preparing, organizing and monitoring chemical experiments regarding testing, validating and optimizing the process and installations;
  • the creation of procedures and license files in accordance with current regulations and norms;
  • the selection and implementation of analysis techniques and procedures on how to monitor experiments;
  • the critical analysis, interpretation and processing of results in scientific reports and presentations;
  • leading and coaching a team of skilled collaborators;
  • travelling abroad to organize short internships internationally in order to hire the necessary expertise and knowledge in new techniques;
  • as an expert in this field, keeping your specific knowledge and expertise up to date.

Required qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in Engineering Sciences (Civil Engineer) or a PhD in Sciences or Applied Sciences preferably in (materials) chemistry or chemical technology or any related degree;
  • thorough knowledge and experience in metallurgy and/or electrochemistry is a must;
  • relevant similar experience is an asset;
  • being prepared to work with radioactive materials and in controlled areas;
  • being able to work creatively, on your own and with results in mind;
  • being enthusiast and company-oriented;
  • being team-oriented with good communication and management skills in order to work in an international context within a multidisciplinary team;
  • having good people management skills;
  • being prepared to travel for missions;
  • strong organisational and written reporting skills;
  • good knowledge of office tools (MS Office, Visio,…);
  • fluent in English and knowledge of Dutch or willing to follow courses.


Should you have any questions, please contact

Verbruggen Véronique
+32 (0)14 33 25 79