3D-model manager

Balance of Plant

Job description

SCK•CEN is developing the design of MYRRHA (www.sckcen.be/en/Technology_future/MYRRHA) together with several academic and industrial partners.  According to the implementation plan, the 100 MeV sub-program will be constructed first to be upgraded in a second stage to a 600 MeV accelerator connected to the reactor.

The 100 MeV sub-program consists of a 100 MeV linear proton accelerator, a proton target facility (PTF) for the production of (medical) radioisotopes and ISOL-applications, and all auxiliary systems required to operate such a facility.  The Balance of Plant (BOP) team is responsible for the design of these auxiliary systems like for instance process systems, buildings, remote handling, access control, electrical systems and HVAC.

BOP is also responsible for the integration of all BOP systems with the accelerator- and PTF systems.  One of the tools to achieve a fully integrated facility is an intelligent and detailed 3D model (in PTC Creo) containing all Structures, Systems and Components (SSC). 

To develop and manage the 3D-model SCK•CEN would like to appoint a 3D-model manager.

The 3D-model manager is responsible for:

  • determining the detailed requirements of the 3D-model in PTC Creo;
  • establishing a road-map for the development, implementation and use of the 3D-model during the different project stages (conceptual-, basic- and detailed design, and the construction phase) and the follow-up of this approach;
  • determining a 3D-model structure and its breakdown;
  • writing procedures for the internal and external use and development of the 3D-model;
  • developing drawing styles, templates and libraries;
  • supporting the SCK-CEN and external draftsmen during design and large assembly management through design guidlines;
  • assembling the different parts of the accelerator and proton target facility (several draftsmen of different parties will develop the 3D model of SSC within their scope but it is the responsibility of the 3D model manager to manage the physical interfaces between these different parties);
  • informing (training) external parties on how to build parts of the 3D-model and on how to exchange files in order to get a coherent and consistent complete 3D-model;
  • review of 3D-models of all parties;
  • checking and reporting of inconsistencies within the 3D-model

Required qualifications

  • Diploma of Master in Applied Sciences or Engineering Sciences, Architect or Engineer-Architect;
  • experience in managing 3D-models and BIM (Building Information Modeling) of large projects;
  • experience with PTC Creo drawing software is a plus;
  • an extended interest in the visualisation of projects and a full understanding of the added-values depending on the different purposes of a 3D-model;
  • capable to work independently and good communications skills to work in an international and multidisciplinary team;
  • knowledge of the general computer applications is required;
  • fluency in English, knowledge of Dutch and/ or French;
  • full time position with approximately 75% of the time is to be spent in Mol and 25% at SCK•CEN Brussels.


Should you have any questions, please contact

Belmans Evi
+32 (0)14 33 25 82