CBRN experts from SCK•CEN chosen to train Antwerp police


On 9 March, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre signed a cooperation agreement with Antwerp’s mayor Bart de Wever and chief of police Serge Muyters. SCK•CEN will work hand in hand with Polish experts to train the Antwerp police in the field of chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear (CBRN) threat and how to cope with it.

The SCK•CEN crisis management experts have been training police and intervention units all over the world for several years. The Antwerp local police have also called on their expertise to train 5 master trainers. Goal of this customized training funded by the European Union: to let all primary care workers of the Antwerp police intervene in case of chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear (CBRN) incidents.

“We teach people on how to protect themselves, measure radiation and react appropriately to a chemical or radiological incident”, says Carlos Rojas Palma, CBRN expert at SCK•CEN. “Our handbook on how to approach radioactive sources has become a benchmark and our exercises on the field allow us to efficiently train multidisciplinary teams”.

Cooperation with unique partners

SCK•CEN will organise the training together with the University of Lodz (Poland) and the Industrial Chemistry Rsearch Institute (Poland). This intended cooperation has been made official on 9 March in Antwerp’s town hall. Mayor Bart de Wever, chief of police Serge Muyters and SCK•CEN Deputy Director General Frank Hardeman signed the letter of intent for cooperation in the presence of a Polish delegation.

We are extremely proud to be able to participate in this unique project in Belgium”, explains Frank Hardeman. “ We have the knowledge and the expertise available to train the primary care units to react more quickly and more efficiently to CBRN incidents.”

Further information on the CBRN expertise of SCK•CEN: PDF Highlights 2015 p. 27-29