Reaction to the article published today in 'Het Laatste Nieuws' newspaper


SCK•CEN has taken note of an article written by journalist Kurt Wertelaers that was published in Het Laatste Nieuws. This article uses SCK•CEN as an example to demonstrate how easy it is to gain access to the personal details of every individual. We are aware that some people may question the fact that our employees publish private information on social media.

One only has to surf the web for a few minutes, using search engines or social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn, to realise how quickly personal information can be found. The fact that someone is involved in sport and posts a photo of his or her latest trophy on their Facebook page does not influence safety in the workplace in any way whatsoever, irrespective of the occupational sector that that person works in.

The link that the journalist makes between an individual’s private pursuits and security at the company premises is unfounded.

At SCK•CEN, security and safety are top priorities. SCK•CEN respects the regulations imposed by the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control and works with the authorities continuously to effect improvements. 

We trust that common sense will prevail and that we can rely on everyone to treat the information disseminated in this article with respect for the private lives of our staff.




Maud Vanderthommen
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