Frank Hardeman is appointed Deputy Director General of SCK•CEN


Frank Hardeman 

At the beginning of April 2015, Frank Hardeman was appointed Deputy Director General of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre. As an expert in radiation protection and nuclear safety, he will assist the Director General Eric van Walle in the daily management of SCK•CEN.

Frank Hardeman succeeds Pierre D’hondt in his function and will be in charge of the daily management of the administrative issues of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre. At the same time, the function of Deputy Director General held by Hamid Aït Abderrahim is broadened to the management of the international issues of SCK•CEN. 

Frank Hardeman started his career at SCK•CEN after obtaining his PhD in Physics at the KU Leuven in 1990. As an expert in nuclear safety management and radiation protection research, he is appointed head of the Internal Service for Prevention and Protection at Work in 2007. Two years later, he was promoted to Institute Director of the SCK•CEN Environment, Health and Safety Institute. Heading a team of 250 people he supervises various research domains of SCK•CEN and in particular radiobiology, radioecology, dosimetry, waste management, dismantling of facilities, and last but not least the societal aspects of nuclear research.

Frank Hardeman is also active in national and international professional organisations and associations, amongst which NERIS, Melodi, BVS-ABR and the European Radioecology Alliance. Besides that, he is author of many publications and a sought-after lecturer at national and international conferences. Frank Hardeman is also member of the scientific council of the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control and represents Belgium in the Euratom Expert Group (art.31).