Princely mission is the jewel in the crown of the launch


Nearly 300 entrepreneurs, politicians and journalists travelled to Angola and South Africa to accompany Princess Astrid on her first economic mission. SCK•CEN was also there, and, on 23 October, presented Belgian expertise in nuclear medicine and the new network that has been set up for this purpose,

During the whole week, the spotlight was on the first steps of Princess Astrid on African soil in her role as leader of a Belgian economic mission. When the mission called at South Africa in the second part of the visit, SCK•CEN organised a seminar to present the new network, and to draw the attention of the numerous attendees to the extensive Belgian expertise in the field of nuclear medicine. In the presence of Princess Astrid and several ministers, the special role that Belgium plays in the various stages of the nuclear medical process was discussed, starting from the production of medical radioisotopes, through the diagnosis and treatment of the patients, down to research and development, in addition to training.

Through the presentations by SCK•CEN and the IRE, the University Hospital Saint-Luc and the UCL, the South African guests and the Belgian delegation were able to discover the unique facilities and expertise provided by the 40 universities, research centres, companies and training centres that have come together in the 100 % Belgian network. In addition, this was also the perfect opportunity to interact with local South African partners.

"Our presentation of was very well received", said an enthusiastic Eric van Walle, Director General of SCK•CEN. "We are giving insufficient attention to the pioneering role Belgium is playing in the field of nuclear medicine, and how crucial this sector is in order to be able to respond to the many challenges we are still facing in the area of public health. Our country should therefore continue to invest in research and innovation in order to maintain its position as world leader in nuclear medicine."

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