Roadworks on the Boeretang as of October 29, 2013


Due to roadworks the Boeretang will be closed as of October 29, 2013 for all traffic between the crossroads at the Emiel Becquaertlaan and the roundabout at the SCK•CEN/VITO main entrance. This part of the Boeretang is situated on SCK•CEN domain and is as such a private road.

Traffic, including pedestrians and cyclists, will have to make a detour.

The sports fields of FC Donk Sport will remain accessible coming from the Boeretangsedreef (Mol).

The BR3 reactor is only accessible from the roundabout at the SCK•CEN entrance.

SCK•CEN will remove an old discharge pipe lying underneath the Boeretang and leading to the Belgoprocess site, at the opposite side of the road. SCK•CEN will repair the road surface afterwards.

Approximate duration of the works: 4 weeks. Estimated end: 29 November.