Rad4Med.be puts Belgian expertise in the nuclear medicine into the limelight


press conferencer rad4medRad4Med.be was founded in 2013 by the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN), IRE, IBA and the Health Competitiveness Cluster of Wallonia (BioWin). It is the first Belgian network for all medical applications of radiation. Rad4Med.be currently has over 40 partners who will promote Belgium's unique expertise in this field in Belgium and abroad.
With its 40 partners, consisting of universities, research centres, training centres and companies working directly or indirectly in the nuclear field, Rad4Med.be comprises the entire value chain of nuclear medicine; from the infrastructure for the production of radioisotopes and the diagnosis to the treatment of patients. Rad4Med.be’s objective is to promote Belgian expertise in nuclear medicine and support the worldwide development of a sector in which Belgium is a world leader.

Belgium is a major player, in particular, in the production of radioisotopes for medical use. SCK•CEN, with the BR2 reactor, and the IRE, produce more than 25 % of the worldwide needs for Molybdenum-99 (99Mo).

Belgium is the country with the highest number of nuclear physicians in the world, i.e. about 300 or 27 per million inhabitants. Nuclear medicine in Belgium accounts for 2,600 direct and 2,100 indirect jobs.

By pointing out the different stakeholders in the chain, Rad4Med.be wants to attract foreign investors, as well as export skills to growing markets, such as Asia. Rad4Med.be’s mission is thus to contribute to the industry’s growth and create additional employment, but also to contribute to the training of experts to store this know-how and strengthen the breeding ground of the know-how.

More info: www.rad4med.be