Inspiration in Congo

Inspiration in Congo

The project will be implemented in Congo in various phases in cooperation with two local partners: the Centre de Développement rural de Mooto and l’Institut Supérieur de Développement rural de Mbandaka.

We attach great importance to the training and sensitization of the local population. The project is therefore being developed in close consultation with the people, and, in this way, should stimulate small scale entrepreneurship.

For the effective launch of Inspiration on the spot, we have carried out a thorough analysis of all the parameters that are essential for setting up a cultivation culture: local resources (water, composition of the soil, natural additives), climatic conditions, available materials, etc.

Colleagues lend a helping hand

To ensure that the local people could start up an initial test culture we sent off the first samples of spirulina in November 2015. After a few months of observation, two SCK•CEN employees travelled to the Congo to monitor the project on the spot.

On the basis of their experiences and the tests with spirulina in our own test basin at the SCK•CEN, our colleagues in Congo helped with the construction of the basins, the search for suitable water springs, the training and monitoring of the local agricultural department, and much more.



Inspiration is expanding its area

As soon as the production, harvest and management are running smoothly, the trial project can be rolled out to the 50 participating families. The local health centres will also proactively introduce spirulina as a supplement in the diet of the population.

300 children spread across 50 test families will be given the spirulina as a supplement, and will be monitored by a local health centre for 3 years.


Our colleagues have meanwhile returned to SCK•CEN, but continue to closely monitor the project in Congo. Both the production of the spirulina and the results in terms of health are constantly monitored. We hope to be able to expand the project to other regions in the future.